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Mining equipment collocation

We are located in Central and Eastern Europe. The key features of our data centers are ultra-high reliability and increased Uptime. We use a fully independent infrastructure in each location and provide full control over all components of the network and mining equipment, which allows to increase reliability. You receive services first-hand with instant support, round-the-clock monitoring in full compliance with industrial standards and the highest security.

Cost of accommodation and electricity:

Urządzenia Cost 1 kWh Cost of accommodation
1 ... 5 100.00 0.00 Purchase This Plan
6 ... 10 96.00 0.00 Purchase This Plan
11 ... 25 89.00 0.00 Purchase This Plan
25+ 75.00 0.00 Purchase This Plan

Photos from our data centers:

When you place a miner or a farm GPU in our data center, you will get:

  • Placement of mining equipment on special racks in the server room
  • Power back-up
  • Cooling
  • 24/7 support

Advantages of placing mining equipment in the data center

Safe work mining infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure of the data center - two power inputs, diesel generators, UPS, ventilation, air filtration and air conditioning systems, the presence of several Internet operators ensures smooth operation of your equipment.

Data center - optimal mining site

Do not place your equipment in hastily converted, dirty rooms called "mining data centres". Only in a specially equipped data center will your equipment last a long time and bring you great income.

Legal guarantees

We are legally and financially responsible for the continuity of the placement service and the safety of your mining equipment.

Careful support 24/7/365

You can contact our technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a query system, by phone or using the feedback forms available on the website.