Why choose us?

Cloud mining service Bitofme was created by Bitofme SP Z.O.O (Poland) in 2017. The Bitofme team is committed to making mining accessible not only for crypto enthusiasts, but also for ordinary citizens. Our mission is to make the acquiring of a cryptocurrency simple, secure, legal and fast. Thanks to the tremendous work done by the staff of our company, we manage to provide service in more than 20 countries.

High Performance

The operation of the equipment or the activation of the cloud mining package starts within 24 hours after payment.

Official legal status

All our activities are legal and conducted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Poland.

Safety and insurance

24-hour console security, closed territory and IP video surveillance. Concluded insurance contract in the amount of 500 000 PLN.

Availability and Support

Professional electrical equipment, automatic ABB. Round-the-clock technical support. Assistance in setting up equipment. High speed internet from PLAY and Orange.

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