PROMOTION 1! Put your GPU mining machines for the collocation and pay 50% less for activation!

PROMOTION 2! When signing the contract for 12 months we do not charge any activation fees and we give you discount 20% for renting space for mining per month.

We offer rental of places in our server rooms (mining farms) for GPU miners.  First server room is located in Warsaw and second one is located in Plock. Both server rooms are equipped in accordance with technical requirements and meets the requirements for permanent mining.   
We sincerely invite you to book places in our server rooms for mining!

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PROMOTION 1! Put your GPU mining machines for the collocation and pay 50% less for activation!

PROMOTION 2! When signing the contract for 12 months we do not charge any activation fees and we give you discount 20% for renting space for mining per month.

Colocation for Antminer in our server rooms in Poland (Warsaw, Plock).
Price for a place for Antminer (gross prices): 
Activation of the service EUR 25* (old price EUR 46) + EUR 20 / month.  + electric charges according to the meter (super tariff EUR 0,08-0.10/kWh

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All new technologies that are able to bring big money are instantly absorbed by people who want to earn them. The same situation was obtained with the cryptocurrency. As soon as the notion of a cryptocurrency appeared in the world, everyone willing to earn money began to work in this direction.

It is a great opportunity to run your profitable business and earn a decent amount of money. In the beginning, such a source of income was considered as additional. However, in less than a few months, most of the miners who realized the profitability of such a case switched completely to generation of cryptocurrency, making it their main source of income.

Power of video cards:

After this business started to earn, whole communities, using for this purpose powerful equipment, ordinary users, personal computer owners generated crypto money, at first simply by the power of the processor, and then at the expense of the power of the video card. But over time, with the advent of powerful computers and with the beginning of their work on the network, the profitability of mining by simple users has dropped significantly. For the successful generation, it took too many video cards with a large capacity. The use of such equipment requires a lot of electricity.

According to statistics, the monthly profitability of this type of earnings is falling. And here there is a direct connection. The more there are those who want to earn this way, the more they generate a crypto coins, and the more powerful the equipment is required for their appearance in the international network.


Classically, real money appears by emission issued by national banks of different states. That is, money simply appears as a result of the printing press, when the government, any country, will need to launch this process. Cryptocurrencies appear in a different way. They arise in the virtual world by generating them by computers. This is what is called the cryptocurrency mining.

If it is to be more easily expressed, then this process is a mathematical calculation, produced by computer equipment (mainly video cards), the ultimate goal, which is the release of the next blocks containing certain information. As a result of this, a number of virtual money appears, registered by block chain and falling into a common electronic bank. In addition, electronic coins, which already exist, participate in various transactions. Cryptocurrency is checked, processed and added to the block (blockchain).

This technology causes the increasing complexity of calculations. This in turn leads to the fact that the miners constantly need more and more powerful computing equipment. For comparison, as soon as the world learned about such a concept as Bitcoin, it could be generated practically on any, even not very powerful personal computer. For this, the CPU power was enough. At the same time, the task has become so complex that even super-powerful personal computers cannot cope with it. This in turn, causes the emergence of the so-called "farms" for the production of crypto currency. That is, the miners unite in communities and generate crypto currency by joint efforts of their equipment.


Which cryptocurrency is most perspective and promising?

There is no single answer to this question. Many believe that this is still bitcoin. It is a familiar virtual value and therefore, it is more reliable. However, you should also look at other cryptocurrencies. After all, there are enough of them: Altcoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin. All these cryptocurrencies are characterized by good indicators. They like bitcoin are quite promising for today.

What equipment can be used for mining?

Here it is necessary to take into account the price-performance ratio. The most promising and productive are ASIC-schemes. As soon as this technology appeared, the miners realized that with its help it is possible to generate more cryptocurrency. Accordingly, earnings increased. In fact, this is an integrated circuit that is specifically designed to generate bitcoins. That is, for mining. Its use is much more profitable, using even very powerful video cards. The difference in performance in comparison with conventional processors, capable of performing different tasks increases more than a hundred times.

They are so powerful, and just as quickly calculate the hash, as well as video cards. But chips - ASIC are specially created for virtual money. That is, these are specialized circuits. And thanks to this, in comparison with the miners who do not use such equipment, they have a competitive advantage: 

- Integral circuits that are designed to perform common tasks have SRAM or Flash memory. This makes them more expensive compared to ASIC, since they do not have this memory. It is not needed for mining;

- ASIC consume a much smaller amount of electrical energy, but they act as it was already said efficiently and most importantly quickly; 

- They are not so hot. It can be no more than 90 degrees Celsius (often less).

All the most innovative schemes for ASIC-miners are made exclusively on an individual basis. But, despite this, they are by far the most effective means for winding up virtual money. And if we talk about the generation of crypto money at home, then this is not only the best solution, but the only one. The performance of ASIC-miners is calculated not in the usual megahertz per second, but in terra hash per second. But, the most reasonable is to compare the performance of equipment for generating virtual currency, not only by its capacity. Here it is necessary to take into account the ratio of power and the energy expended for work. For example, take the most super-top-end video card. What will be the benefit from it, if its work requires not 50 watts, but 200 watts? And how much will it take to spend money on cooling equipment?

Over time, there were entire companies using this technology. Cloud Hashing in its time has acquired a huge number of similar schemes. The company launched its generation centers in Icelandic mines. Mining in such climatic conditions brought the company fabulous sums. The fairly low temperatures characteristic of this area have made it possible to save considerably on the consumption of electrical energy necessary to cool computers. According to statistics in the mines of Iceland, the company generated about 210 bitcoins per day. It was back in 2013. At that time, the exchange rate of so many cryptocoins was two hundred thousand American dollars.

Another powerful farm for the production of cryptocurrency was opened in Chinese Hong Kong. A number of investment companies of this country ordered the creation of this farm from the company Allied Control. The so-called "liquid cooling" was used on this farm. The use of such cooling has its advantages. Thanks to it, it is possible to significantly reduce the size of the area used for equipment. That is, it leads to economising by reducing the costs associated with renting premises. In addition, this kind of cooling reduces the consumption of electrical energy, which is one of the main costs in the case of the generation of cryptocurrency. The main manufacturer of ASIC-schemes is the corporation KnC Miner. Schemes of this type produced by this company are designed to generate a variety of cryptocurrencies. After the launch of the production of these schemes, the company managed to for some six months earn on their sale more than 70 million US dollars.

What is required for effective generation of cryptocurrency?

Thus, for the different cryptocurrency, the user will need the following:

- The future miner should take care of the place in which will be installed his computer. It is desirable that it is sufficiently cool or equipped with a cooling system;

- Next, you need to purchase equipment, if one is not available. Of course, the best solution to this issue will be specially designed computing equipment. But, if the potential miner of cryptocurrency is not available, he can use for this purpose an ordinary personal computer or mobile gadget; 

- Miner must complete the registration process on the developer's website with one of the cryptocurrencies. After that, he will have his own electronic wallet. Go to this wallet, as usual, it will be possible only by specifying the correct password. After all, there will be stored a user-generated virtual currency.

- Then the user needs to register in one of the virtual exchange offices. This will allow for the conversion, generated by him crypto money into real;

- Of course, you need to take care of purchasing the appropriate software. Today, there are many specialized utilities designed for generation, which work on all known operating systems. These programs allow you to monitor the operation of the video card and monitor the entire process. It should be noted that some utilities are intended only for mining, a certain virtual currency. There are also utilities that generate many virtual currencies. These programs are universal.

- After downloading and installing the necessary software, the alone miner must complete the registration process in one of the selected pools. Of course, he can work alone. But, as has already been said, this is unprofitable for today;

- Also, the potential miner needs to take care of access to the global network. The speed of the Internet should be at least two megabits per second.

How is the profit, earned by the cryptocurrency calculator, calculated?

An approximate calculation of the profit from mining can be made using special algorithms. To do this, you need to enter information about the cost of purchasing a video card. Also, you need to specify the final power of the video card. After all, the amount received at the virtual currency outlet directly depends on this. In addition, you need to specify how much the developer of crypto money spent on electricity and cooling systems. All these data are entered on special sites, that calculate the costs and as a result of the mining profit of cryptocurrency. 

Should there be fear of a drop in the rate of cryptocurrency?

Many miners fear that bitcoin will fall in price. Moreover, they believe that the same will happen with other cryptocurrencies. Miners can consider that these phenomena are interrelated. But according to experts, there is no connection in this. Both bitcoin and other virtual money, all of them are prone to falls and ups. There is nothing surprising in that any cryptocurrency can fall ten times in price in one moment. And after a while to return to their positions, or grow the same ten times. This is a common reaction to the technical part of the technology and to various innovations in this field.

Where to generate cryptocurrency?

In the opinion of the same experts, it is not very profitable to generate bitcoins using video cards. The matter is that now the most profitable virtual currency is the altcoins. That is, it is better to extract exactly this crypto currency. In the future, you can buy bitcoins for it. If you act in this way, rather than mining the bitcoins directly, then the profit will increase several times.

There are differences in significance and importance, and accordingly in the cost of altcoins. What exactly to generate, it is possible not to reflect. To do this, it is better to use Profitable Pool. These pools control the cost of various altcoins, and those altcoins are generated, the price of which is currently the highest. This all happens automatically, and it happens that pools can switch from one altcoin to another within five minutes. 

Is it profitable to do this now?

Someone might think that the period of getting easy profit has finally ended, but this is not so. For example, in 2009, after the sharp popularity of bitcoins mining and correspondingly, the appearance of a larger number of miners, such a method became literally a few months later not profitable. But in less than two years, as the miners who incurred the costs of obtaining crypto currency again began to earn quite large sums due to the sharply increased prices of bitcoins. Thus, there is no guarantee that the various crypto-currencies will fall or will increase in price. Maybe in the future there will be events that will cause the various jumps in the growth and fall of the crypto currency. And those who have at the moment a little cryptocoins in the future will be able to count on their significant rise in price.

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